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    The 13th contains parts of Loudoun and Prince William Counties, from the Maryland border to Gainesville.

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  • The Legislative Process

    Here's a short primer on the legislative process, and how you can influence it.



    John works with constituents, advocacy groups, and other legislators to decide what bills to push forward.



    John works with the good lawyers at the Department of Legislative Services to turn ideas into legislation.



    Each bill is sent by the Majority Leader to a subcommittee, where it is considered. Most bills stop here and are sent back for more work.


    Full Committee

    If the subcommittee approves the bill, the full committee will have a chance to vote on it.


    Senate Floor

    If the bill passes out of committee, it must be read and passed on the Senate floor.


    House Floor

    If approved by the Senate, the bill will travel to the House during the 2nd half of session. If the House passes the bill, it goes directly to the Governor.


    Conference Committee

    If the House makes amendments to the bill, it will go to conference where legislators from both parties and both houses will meet to hash it out.


    Governor's Signature

    No bill can become a law without the Governor's signature, but he has the option to veto the bill instead, which the House & Senate can override with a 2/3rds majority.

  • My 2020 Legislative Portfolio

    SB 266 Elections; campaign finance; prohibited contributions to candidates; public service corporations.

    SB 265 Workers' compensation; occupational disease presumptions.

    SB 264 Certified registered nurse anesthetists; prescriptive authority.

    SB 263 Concealed handgun permits; demonstration of competence.

    SB 259 Virginia Freedom of Information Act; library records.